Stephanie Bellars Sex Tape Scandal

stephanie-bellars-sex-tape-scandal-spotlight.jpgOk, so Stephanie Bellars is a professional wrestling valet and the former girlfriend of “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Apparently she was a stripper and Savage picked her up at a stripclub bringing her into the wrestling world. I can find no hard-prove that she was ever a stripper, but if that is how the story goes, than that’s how it goes.

She is most famously known as Gorgeous George, even though you might have seen her go by the name George or George Frankenstein cause after Stephanie Bellars and Savage split, Macho Man trademarked the name Gorgeous George and forbides her to use the name. Stephanie Bellars made her break into the WCW in 1999 at the Spring Stamped.

In one of her and Ric Flairs skirmishes on WCW Monday Nitro, her top was grabbed the wrong way and her breasts was partially exposed on national television. After leaving WCW, she went on to WWF. After that, in 2000 Stephanie Bellars was on Extreme Championship wresting. In 2001 Stephanie Bellars appears on Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling as a referee and married Misfits rocker Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein.

Now you see where the George Frankenstein comes into play. Around mid 2001 she became a member of the X-Girls in the XWF. The in 2004 she again made a few brief appearances in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as Minsa, but after that Stephanie Bellars disappeard from action. It’s said, she is a stripper once again!!

Stephanie Bellars is sitting up on a bed wearing a cleavage baring, titty popping, short silk pink mini-skirt, and pink thong panties with her blonde hair pulled up showing her face perfectly. She spends the first thirty seconds of the video starring at herself in the camera. Checking out her ass, her tits, her smile, before finally undoing her skirt top and exposing her nude celebrity breasts.

She then fondles her nude breasts while slowly undressing out of her mini-skirt for the next few minutes. Stephanie Bellars does not take off her panties until four minutes into the sex video. For the next 17 minutes she continues to masturbate and rub her nude tits all while at the same time controlling the camera zoom the entire time. See Stephanie Bellars aka Gorgeous George making her very own sex tape and masturbating!!!

Download the Stephanie Bellars Sex Tape Scandal Here

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