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Anne Schedeen Information

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Anne Schedeen Biography

    Luanne Ruth Schedeen (born January 8, 1949,Portland, Oregon), known professionally as Anne Schedeen, is an American actress, best known as Kate Tanner on ALF, which ran from 1986-1990. One of her earliest roles was as attorney Sara Frank on the short-lived prime-time soap, Paper Dolls. Other credits include guest roles on such hit television series as Cheers, Three's Company, The Incredible Hulk, Baretta, Family, Emergency!, McCloud, Marcus Welby, M.D., Magnum, P.I., Murder, She Wrote, Judging Amy, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, E/R, and Simon & Simon. Her film credits include Embryo and Second Thoughts.

Anne Schedeen Filmography

  • (1999) Judging Amy as Det. Peggy Fraser
  • (1996) Heaven's Prisoners as Jungle Room Patron
  • (1993) Praying Mantis as Karen
  • (1991) Perry Mason: The Case of the Maligned Mobster as Paula Barrett
  • (1989) Cast the First Stone as Elaine Stanton
  • (1987) Family Comedy Hour as Herself
  • (1986) ALF as Kate Tanner
  • (1986) ALF as Kate Tanner (also archive footage)
  • (1986) ALF as Kate Tanner (archive footage)
  • (1986) If Tomorrow Comes as Charlotte
  • (1986) Slow Burn as Mona
  • (1985) Braker as Lieutenant Polly Peters
  • (1984) E/R as Karen Sheridan
  • (1984) Murder, She Wrote as Julia Granger
  • (1984) Paper Dolls as Sara Frank
  • (1983) Second Thoughts as Janis
  • (1982) Cheers as Emily Phillips
  • (1981) Simon & Simon as Bailey Randall
  • (1981) Simon & Simon as Claire Stafford
  • (1980) Magnum, P.I. as Audrey Gilbert
  • (1980) Semi-Tough as Amanda
  • (1979) Champions: A Love Story as Diane Kachatorian
  • (1979) Friends as Alice Price
  • (1979) Friends as Miss Price
  • (1979) Never Say Never as Dr. Sarah Keaton
  • (1978) Almost Heaven as Margie
  • (1978) Project U.F.O. as Helen McNair
  • (1978) The Incredible Hulk as Kimberly Dowd
  • (1977) Exo-Man as Emily Frost
  • (1977) Flight to Holocaust as Linda Michaels
  • (1976) Embryo as Helen Holliston
  • (1976) Family as Susie
  • (1976) Kingston: Confidential as Melanie Woods
  • (1976) Lanigan's Rabbi as Barbara James
  • (1976) The Bionic Woman as Milly Wilson
  • (1976) Three's Company as Linda
  • (1976) Three's Company as Lisa Page
  • (1976) Three's Company as Louise Prescott
  • (1975) Baretta as Linda
  • (1975) Switch as Keelie Blair
  • (1975) Switch as Lisa
  • (1975) Three for the Road as
  • (1975) You Lie So Deep, My Love as Ellen
  • (1974) Aloha Means Goodbye as Stewardess
  • (1974) Get Christie Love! as
  • (1974) Lucas Tanner as Flight Attendant Carolyn
  • (1974) The Six Million Dollar Man as Tina Larson
  • (1972) Emergency! as 1st Nurse
  • (1972) Emergency! as Carol
  • (1972) Emergency! as Margo
  • (1972) Emergency! as Nurse
  • (1972) Emergency! as Nurse Carol
  • (1972) Emergency! as Nurse Carol (uncredited)
  • (1970) McCloud as Tina
  • (1969) Marcus Welby, M.D. as Mariette
  • (1969) Marcus Welby, M.D. as Mrs. Elizabeth Carstairs
  • (1969) Marcus Welby, M.D. as Sandy Porter
  • (1967) Ironside as Vicki

Anne Schedeen Trivia and Facts

  • Daughter, Taylor, born 1989
  • For many years, Anne Schedeen would not disclose her age.

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Anne Schedeen Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is Anne Schedeen's birthday?

      January 7, 1949

  • How tall is Anne Schedeen?

      5' 7"

  • How much does Anne Schedeen weigh?

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  • Where was Anne Schedeen born?

      7 January 1949, Portland, Oregon, USA

  • What is Anne Schedeen's nickname?

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