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Roberta Weiss Biography

    Roberta Weiss (born September 5, 1958 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) is a Canadian actress. She sometimes works professionally as Roberta Bizeau. She played Flame Beaufort on NBC's soap opera Santa Barbara. In 1988 she appeared as a scantily-clad island girl in the controversial cult French sex-comedy film Mangeuses d'Hommes.

Roberta Weiss Filmography

  • (2004) Audition as Caroline Morse
  • (1993) Family Passions as Dolores
  • (1992) Secret Service as Sabrina
  • (1990) Counterstrike as Eve (as Roberta Bizeau)
  • (1989) Comment faire l'amour avec un nègre sans se fatiguer as Miz Littérature (as Roberta Bizeau)
  • (1989) La danse du scorpion as Camille de Vito
  • (1988) Mangeuses d'hommes as Elizabeth
  • (1988) Shades of Love: Tangerine Taxi as Evan Moore
  • (1987) Diamonds as Taryn
  • (1986) Abducted as Renee
  • (1986) Courage as Roberta
  • (1986) High Stakes as Terry Carson
  • (1986) Hot Shots as Cordelia
  • (1985) Alfred Hitchcock Presents as Tirina Clark (as Roberta Bizeau)
  • (1985) Comedy Factory as Alixe
  • (1985) Martin's Day as Teenage Girl
  • (1985) Night Heat as Gloria
  • (1985) Perry Mason Returns as Laura Gordon
  • (1984) Charles in Charge as Miss Spelling (as Roberta Bizeau)
  • (1984) Mike Hammer as Debbie
  • (1984) Santa Barbara as Flame Beaufort #1 (1990-1991)
  • (1983) Cross Country as Alma
  • (1983) SCTV Channel as College Student
  • (1983) Tales from the Darkside as Gail Aynsley
  • (1983) The Dead Zone as Alma Frechette
  • (1983) The Hitchhiker as Roseanne Lucas
  • (1983) The Terry Fox Story as Jeannie
  • (1982) 33 Brompton Place as
  • (1981) Hangin' In as Vanessa
  • (1981) Seeing Things as Miss Fields
  • (1980) Bizarre as Various Characters
  • (1979) Autumn Born as Melissa
  • (1979) The Littlest Hobo as Rebecca

Roberta Weiss Trivia and Facts

  • (10/4/1997) Birth of their first child -- daughter Alberta Mary. She was born six weeks premature, and weighed in at 4 lbs 14 oz.

Roberta Weiss Quotes

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Roberta Weiss Photoshoots

  • "Celebrity Sleuth" (USA), 1992, Vol. 5, Iss. 3, pg. 78-79, by: staff, "Santa Barbara's Flame Beaufort"

Roberta Weiss Other Works

  • TV commercials for Neilson's Crispy Crunch bars (late 80s/early 90s)

Roberta Weiss Trademarks

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Roberta Weiss Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is Roberta Weiss's birthday?

      September 5, 1961

  • How tall is Roberta Weiss?

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  • How much does Roberta Weiss weigh?

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  • Where was Roberta Weiss born?

      5 September 1961, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

  • What is Roberta Weiss's nickname?

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