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Leslie Parrish Biography

    She started as a model, and in 1955 became an actress. She acted under her birth name, Marjorie Helen, until 1959. Afterwards she was known as Leslie Parrish. She appeared in more than 100 TV shows. She is known as one of the first women producers. Shes always had a passion for music. She was involved in social causes such as the Vietnam war. She met the airplane pilot/writer Richard D. Bach during the making of Jonathan Livingston Seagull (1973), and they married in 1977. They divorced in 1997.

Leslie Parrish Filmography

  • (1977) Crash! as Kathy Logan
  • (1977) Logan's Run as Joanna
  • (1976) The Astral Factor as Colleen Hudson
  • (1975) The Giant Spider Invasion as Ev
  • (1973) Police Story as Georgie Hayes
  • (1973) Police Story as Mrs. Delaley
  • (1973) The Magician as Lydia
  • (1971) Banyon as Ruth Sprague
  • (1971) Bearcats! as Liz Blake
  • (1971) Cade's County as Jana Gantry
  • (1971) D.A.: Conspiracy to Kill as Ramona Bertrand
  • (1971) O'Hara, U.S. Treasury as
  • (1970) Brother, Cry for Me as
  • (1970) McCloud as Lynne O'Connell
  • (1969) Love, American Style as Michelle Turner (segment "Love and the Pulitzer Prize")
  • (1969) Love, American Style as Mrs. Pfister (segment "Love and the Mountain Cabin")
  • (1969) Marcus Welby, M.D. as Elaine Perino
  • (1969) The Candy Man as Julie Evans
  • (1969) The Devil's 8 as Cissy
  • (1969) To Rome with Love as Elaine
  • (1968) Adam-12 as Sharon Blake
  • (1967) Good Morning, World as Audrey Zelner
  • (1967) Mannix as Linda Marley
  • (1967) Mannix as Mona
  • (1967) Mannix as T.C.
  • (1967) The Money Jungle as Treva Saint
  • (1966) Batman as Dawn Robbins
  • (1966) Batman as Glacia Glaze
  • (1966) Family Affair as Emily Travers
  • (1966) Iron Horse as Eve Lewis
  • (1966) Star Trek as Carolyn Palamas
  • (1966) Tarzan as Beryl
  • (1966) Three on a Couch as Mary Lou Mauve
  • (1965) Hogan's Heroes as Karen
  • (1965) The Big Valley as Layle Johnson
  • (1965) The Wild Wild West as Greta Lundquist
  • (1965) The Wild Wild West as Morn/Maggie
  • (1964) Kentucky Jones as Miss Patterson
  • (1964) Sex and the Single Girl as Susan
  • (1964) The Man from U.N.C.L.E. as Leslie Welling
  • (1964) The Reporter as Rith Killiam
  • (1963) Channing as Joyce Ruskin
  • (1963) For Love or Money as Jan Brasher
  • (1963) Kraft Suspense Theatre as Susan King
  • (1963) Petticoat Junction as Jacqueline Moran
  • (1963) The Lieutenant as Toni Kaine
  • (1962) The Manchurian Candidate as Jocelyn Jordan
  • (1961) Acapulco as
  • (1961) Alcoa Premiere as Vicki
  • (1961) Follow the Sun as Tiffany Caldwell
  • (1961) Portrait of a Mobster as Iris Murphy
  • (1960) Insight as Joanne
  • (1960) Michael Shayne as Ellen Cook
  • (1960) Surfside 6 as Lavender
  • (1960) Surfside 6 as Sunny Golden
  • (1960) The Aquanauts as Jill Talley
  • (1960) The Roaring 20's as Bubbles LaPeer
  • (1959) Hawaiian Eye as Kathy Marsh
  • (1959) Hawaiian Eye as Marcella
  • (1959) Li'l Abner as Daisy Mae
  • (1959) Tightrope as Theresa
  • (1958) 77 Sunset Strip as Amanda Sant
  • (1958) 77 Sunset Strip as Jodie (uncredited)
  • (1958) Bat Masterson as Lisa Anders
  • (1958) Bat Masterson as Lucy Carter
  • (1958) Missile to the Moon as Zema (as Marjorie Hellen)
  • (1958) Steve Canyon as Brannigans's Girl
  • (1958) Tank Battalion as Lt. Alice Brent (as Marjorie Hellen)
  • (1958) The Rough Riders as Cleopatra (as Margaret Hellen)
  • (1957) Bachelor Father as Kim Fontaine
  • (1957) Hot Summer Night as Hazel (uncredited)
  • (1957) Man on Fire as Honey (uncredited)
  • (1957) Perry Mason as Hope Sutherland
  • (1957) Perry Mason as Veronica Temple
  • (1957) Perry Mason as Vivian Ames
  • (1956) The Lieutenant Wore Skirts as Tipsy Girl at Party (uncredited)
  • (1956) The Opposite Sex as Leg Model (uncredited)
  • (1956) The Power and the Prize as Operator (uncredited)
  • (1955) A Man Called Peter as Newlywed (uncredited)
  • (1955) Daddy Long Legs as College Girl (uncredited)
  • (1955) How to Be Very, Very Popular as Girl on Bus (uncredited)
  • (1955) The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing as Floradora Girl (uncredited)
  • (1955) The Virgin Queen as Anne (as Marjorie Hellen)
  • (1951) The Red Skelton Show as Daisy June
  • (1951) The Red Skelton Show as Daisy Mae

Leslie Parrish Trivia and Facts

  • 1959 Deb Star.

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Leslie Parrish Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is Leslie Parrish's birthday?

      March 13, 1935

  • How tall is Leslie Parrish?

      5' 6"

  • How much does Leslie Parrish weigh?

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  • Where was Leslie Parrish born?

      13 March 1935, Melrose, Massachusetts, USA

  • What is Leslie Parrish's nickname?

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