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Carla Borelli Featured Galleries

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Carla Borelli Biography

    Carla Borelli (born 12 October 1942 in San Francisco, California, United States) is an actress. Her early television appearances included one episode of The Wild Wild West ("The Night of Montezuma's Hordes", 1967) and two episodes of Ironside ("Ransom", 1970, and "The Quincunx", 1971). From 1979 to 1982, Borelli played the part of Reena Bellman Cook Dekker on the daytime soaps Another World and Texas. She is possibly best known for her role as Connie Giannini in the 1980s television series Falcon Crest.

Carla Borelli Filmography

  • (2004) Indian Cowboy as Ma
  • (1991) Silk Stalkings as Mrs. Linderman
  • (1985) O.C. and Stiggs as Stella Stiggs
  • (1983) Scarecrow and Mrs. King as Cecilia Kemper
  • (1981) American Playhouse as Laura Towne
  • (1981) Falcon Crest as Connie Giannini
  • (1980) Texas as Carla Bellman Cook
  • (1980) Texas as Paige Marshall
  • (1980) Texas as Reena Bellman
  • (1980) Texas as Reena Bellman Cook
  • (1980) Texas as Reena Bellman Cook (1980-1982) (original cast) (entire run)
  • (1980) Texas as Reena Bellman Dekker
  • (1980) Texas as Reena Dekker
  • (1978) David Cassidy - Man Undercover as Joy Clayton
  • (1977) Billy Jack Goes to Washington as
  • (1977) The Betty White Show as
  • (1976) Charlie's Angels as Tina Mallin
  • (1976) Quincy M.E. as Danielle de Soto
  • (1975) One Day at a Time as Candy
  • (1972) Asylum of Satan as Lucina Martin
  • (1971) Banyon as Joan
  • (1970) Do Not Throw Cushions Into the Ring as
  • (1970) Ritual of Evil as Aline Wiley
  • (1970) The Silent Force as
  • (1969) Love, American Style as (segment "Love and the Love Potion")
  • (1969) Love, American Style as Linda (segment "Love and the Bed")
  • (1969) Love, American Style as Linda (segment "Love and the Lady Barber")
  • (1969) The Bold Ones: The Lawyers as Nora Lennox
  • (1969) The Love God? as Erica Lane
  • (1968) Adam-12 as Ruth Bannister
  • (1968) It Takes a Thief as Laura Cannon
  • (1968) It Takes a Thief as Queen Consort
  • (1968) The Good Guys as Angela
  • (1968) The Name of the Game as Holly
  • (1968) The Name of the Game as Lisa Bertelli
  • (1968) The Name of the Game as Priscilla
  • (1967) Ironside as Jan Gaylord
  • (1967) Ironside as Susan Saginor
  • (1967) Mannix as Dallas King
  • (1967) The Gnome-Mobile as Married Gnome (uncredited)
  • (1965) Days of Our Lives as Mary Anderson #4 (1975)
  • (1965) The Wild Wild West as Sun Goddess
  • (1964) Another World as Reena Bellman Cook (1980)/Barbara Van Arkdale (1987)
  • (1960) High Time as Harvey Jr.'s Date at Ball (uncredited)

Carla Borelli Trivia and Facts

  • Stepmother of Christopher May and Douglas May.
  • Second wife of Donald May.

Carla Borelli Quotes

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Carla Borelli Photoshoots

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Carla Borelli Other Works

  • TV commercial for "For Brunettes Only" hair color and Calm 2 antiperspirant (1972)

Carla Borelli Trademarks

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Carla Borelli Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is Carla Borelli's birthday?

      October 12, 1942

  • How tall is Carla Borelli?

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  • How much does Carla Borelli weigh?

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  • Where was Carla Borelli born?

      12 October 1942, San Francisco, California, USA

  • What is Carla Borelli's nickname?

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