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Liz Bonnin Featured Galleries

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Liz Bonnin Biography

    Born in France to a French father and Trinidanian mother, she moved to Ireland at the age of 10. She studied Biochemistry at college and graduated with honours. She also launched a singing career and sang in a pop band. She was asked to present at the IRMA awards for Irish TV station RTÉ and has been a presenter for many other shows since then, working in Ireland and the U.K.

Liz Bonnin Filmography

  • (2012) Immortal? A Horizon Guide to Ageing as Herself (archive footage)
  • (2012) Stargazing Live: Back to Earth as Herself (credit only)
  • (2012) Stargazing Live: Back to Earth as Herself - Presenter (credit only)
  • (2012) Super Smart Animals as Herself - Presenter
  • (2012) Super Smart Animals as Herself - Presenter (voice)
  • (2011) A Night with the Stars as Herself (uncredited)
  • (2011) Egypt's Lost Cities as Herself - Presenter
  • (2011) Stargazing Live as Herself - Presenter
  • (2010) Mad and Bad: 60 Years of Science on TV as Herself
  • (2010) Museum of Life as Herself - Presenter
  • (2009) Bang Goes the Theory as Herself
  • (2009) Country Tracks as Herself - Presenter
  • (2006) Autumnwatch as Herself
  • (2005) Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets as Presenter
  • (2005) Ghost Towns as Presenter
  • (2005) Greatest Ever Screen Chases as Herself
  • (2005) Springwatch as Herself
  • (2005) Springwatch as Herself (archive footage)
  • (2005) The Perfect Scary Movie as Herself
  • (2004) Wild Trials as Herself
  • (2003) 95.8 Capital FM's Party in the Park for the Prince's Trust 2003 as Herself - Presenter
  • (2003) Spring Break Live 2003 as Herself - Presenter
  • (2002) RI:SE as Herself - Presenter
  • (2000) Celebrity Extra as Presenter
  • (2000) Liquid News as Herself
  • (2000) Off the Rails as Co-Presenter/Reporter (2000-2002)
  • (2000) The Wright Stuff as Herself - Guest Panelist
  • (1996) Never Mind the Buzzcocks as Herself
  • (1964) Horizon as Herself - Presenter
  • (1964) Top of the Pops as Herself - Presenter (2002-)

Liz Bonnin Trivia and Facts

  • A former member of the flopped Irish girl band Chill.

Liz Bonnin Quotes

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Liz Bonnin Photoshoots

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Liz Bonnin Other Works

  • Presented 'Telly Bingo' in Ireland.

Liz Bonnin Trademarks

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Liz Bonnin Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is Liz Bonnin's birthday?

      September 16, 1976

  • How tall is Liz Bonnin?

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  • How much does Liz Bonnin weigh?

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  • Where was Liz Bonnin born?

      16 September 1976, France

  • What is Liz Bonnin's nickname?

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