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Kathy Garver Biography

    Kathy Garver was born in Long Beach, California on 13 December 1945. The daughter of Hayes George Garver and Rosemary Garver and the youngest of 4 children (2 brothers & 1 older sister). She attended Pacific Arts High School in 1962 and graduated in 1966. The same year, she attended UCLA and graduated in 1970. Her debut in film was Ill Cry Tomorrow (1955) at age 10, but her break-through performance came as one of the young slaves in The Ten Commandments (1956). Her big moment on television was as the teenage niece of Uncle Bill Davis named Cissy Davis on "Family Affair" (1966). After the show ended in 1971, she went to Israel to do the Stage rendition of the same CBS-TV Show in Tel Aviv in 1971. In 1972, she went to London, England, to do Stage Shows and this led to an appearance on "The David Frost Show" (1969) and "Coronation Street" (1960) for 2 days only. She met David Travis in 1976 where Wimbledon played that year on NBC Sports where he worked on the coverage, and they were married on January 17, 1981, and had a son, Reid in 1991, named after actor Tim Reid . Through her 50-year career in show business, she survived and conquered triumph through tragedy, just like the TV character she portrayed, Cissy Davis, big sister of twin children: Buffy & Jody Davis ("Family Affair" (1966)).

Kathy Garver Filmography

  • (2013) Executive Ranks as Ms. Jones
  • (2012) Santa's Dog as Sister Augustus
  • (2012) Technicolour Llama as Mrs. Black
  • (2011) Doctor Spine as Herself
  • (2011) Horrorween as Zombie
  • (2011) The Actor's Journey as Herself
  • (2011) The Actor's Journey for Kids as Herselrf
  • (2010) I (Almost) Got Away with It as Susan Burnside
  • (2010) Power & Pride as Roberta
  • (2010) Shrieking Violet as Old Lady
  • (2010) Soupernatural as Donna
  • (2009) Actors Entertainment as Herself
  • (2009) Nightmare Carnival as Margaret
  • (2008) Redefining Normal as Rose Hensley
  • (2007) Black August as
  • (2007) The 5th Annual TV Land Awards as Catherine 'Cissy' Patterson-Davis
  • (2005) Race You to the Bottom as Spa Attendant
  • (2005) TV Land Confidential as Herself - Interviewee
  • (2004) TV Land Convention Special as Herself
  • (2003) Seizing Me as
  • (2002) Family Affair as Beverly
  • (2002) The 4th Annual Family Television Awards as Herself
  • (2001) Family Secrets as
  • (2001) Sweet November as Nurse
  • (2001) The Princess Diaries as Cable Tourist
  • (2000) Street Smarts as Herself
  • (2000) The Trial of Old Drum as Aunt Katey
  • (1999) Invisible Mom II as Ms. Mason
  • (1999) The Early Show as Herself
  • (1998) Closer Than the Boy Next Door as Mrs. Gilliam
  • (1998) Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego as (VG) (voice)
  • (1996) Invisible Mom as (uncredited)
  • (1996) Nash Bridges as Helen Richards
  • (1996) The Siege at Ruby Ridge as Real Estate Lady (uncredited)
  • (1994) Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb as (VG) (voice)
  • (1994) Spider-Man as Gila (voice)
  • (1994) Spider-Man as Miss America/Madeline Joyce (voice)
  • (1993) Jojo no kimyô na bôken as School Girl A (voice: English version)
  • (1990) Tom & Jerry Kids Show as
  • (1990) Tom & Jerry Kids Show as (1991) (voice)
  • (1989) Marvin: Baby of the Year as Jenny Miller (voice)
  • (1988) The New Yogi Bear Show as Attendant (voice)
  • (1987) Geraldo as Herself
  • (1986) Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos as Pepper (voice)
  • (1986) Matlock as Carolyn
  • (1986) Superior Court as Jane
  • (1986) The Oprah Winfrey Show as Herself
  • (1985) New Love, American Style as Mary
  • (1981) Dennis the Menace in Mayday for Mother as Alice Mitchell (voice)
  • (1981) Simon & Simon as Joanie
  • (1981) Simon & Simon as Karen Davidson
  • (1981) Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends as Firestar/Angelica Jones (voice)
  • (1981) Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends as Firestar/Angelica Jones, Storm (voice)
  • (1980) The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang as Additional Voices (voice)
  • (1977) The All-New Super Friends Hour as (voice)
  • (1975) The Ghost Busters as Carola de Canterville
  • (1974) Celebrity Sweepstakes as Herself
  • (1969) The David Frost Show as Herself
  • (1968) Adam-12 as Paula Jessup
  • (1968) The Song Is You as Herself
  • (1968) What's My Line? as Herself - Mystery Guest
  • (1967) The Joey Bishop Show as Herself
  • (1966) Family Affair as Catherine 'Cissy' Patterson-Davis
  • (1965) Branded as Ginny Pollard
  • (1965) The Big Valley as Laura Hayden
  • (1965) The Hollywood Squares as Herself
  • (1964) Daniel Boone as (uncredited)
  • (1964) Kiss Me, Stupid as Autograph Seeker (uncredited)
  • (1964) The Bing Crosby Show as Mary Benson
  • (1963) Mr. Novak as
  • (1963) The Patty Duke Show as Monica
  • (1963) The Patty Duke Show as Monica Robinson
  • (1963) The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters as Pretty Walker
  • (1962) The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson as Herself
  • (1961) Ben Casey as
  • (1961) Dr. Kildare as Tracey Richards
  • (1960) Insight as Andrea
  • (1960) Insight as Hold up victim
  • (1958) The Rifleman as Amy - Waitress (uncredited)
  • (1958) This Is Alice as
  • (1957) Monkey on My Back as Noreen
  • (1957) Panic! as Charlene
  • (1956) Telephone Time as Carol Wallace
  • (1956) The Adventures of Jim Bowie as Simone De Lannes
  • (1956) The Bad Seed as Rhoda's Classmate (uncredited)
  • (1956) The Ten Commandments as Rachel (uncredited)
  • (1955) Crusader as Waif
  • (1955) Fury as
  • (1955) Matinee Theatre as Sally
  • (1955) The Millionaire as Annabell (uncredited)
  • (1955) The Night of the Hunter as Child (uncredited)
  • (1954) Father Knows Best as Autograph Seeker (uncredited)
  • (1953) My Favorite Husband as Carolyn
  • (1953) Private Secretary as Angela
  • (1952) Bandstand as (as The New American Bandstand 1970)
  • (1952) Dave and Charley as Marlene
  • (1952) Death Valley Days as Dorita Duncan
  • (1952) Death Valley Days as Peggy Conway
  • (1952) Our Miss Brooks as Gina

Kathy Garver Trivia and Facts

  • Father is of French-Irish descent and mother is of Swiss-Austrian descent.
  • Youngest sister of Beverly Garver. Sister of Hayes Gilbert Garver, Jr. & Lance Garver.
  • She was the Hollywood Deb Star of 1967.
  • Daughter of Hayes Gilbert Garver, Sr. & Rosemary Garver.
  • President of the Family Affair foundation which provides reading companions to the elderly and at risk youth.
  • Awarded the Golden Halo award for excellence in the entertainment field.
  • The Audie Award (for excellence in audio recording) was given to Kathy as a narrator (Worlds Greatest Short Stories) and director (Amy Tan in The Opposite of Fate). She has recorded more than 30 audio books.
  • Best known for her starring role as Catherine "Cissy" Davis on "Family Affair" (1966).
  • Before she co-starred opposite Brian Keith on "Family Affair" (1966) , she guest-starred with Keith on an episode of "Crusader" (1955).
  • Her acting mentor was the late Brian Keith .
  • Went to school with Julie London s stepdaughter Ronne Troup.
  • Mother, with David Travis, of son Reid Garver Travis.

Kathy Garver Quotes

  • I dont blame myself. I didnt know how bad the problem was.
  • [on her favorite "Family Affair" (1966) memories]: Family Affair was then the most popular show in that country, and a live musical presentation of the show was mounted. It was cast with impersonators, except for me. I performed my role phonetically in Hebrew - people were stunned when I stepped out onto the stage!
  • [on her on and off-screen friendship with Anissa Jones , who played Buffy]: We were like sisters as well as professionals. We did sleepovers, and made presents for the cast and crew. I went to her 18th birthday party, and her Mom asked me if I could spend more time with her - she thought she had fallen in with a bad crowd. I had to leave the next day to do My Fair Lady, but I promised I would, as soon as I got back. But Annisa ODd and died before that could happen.
  • The hardest thing is being accepted as some one who has depth. Fortunately my parents stressed education and normalcy all through my childhood and during my Family Affair days. In learning to think and work independently, I firmly believe in hoisting ones own sails.
  • [on the death/suicide of her series star Brian Keith in 1997]: It was so sad, but it was in line with who he was in real life. He was this very manly man, very in charge of his life, always doing things his way. When his daughter died and he was diagnosed with lung cancer and emphysema, and given only a few weeks to live, there was no way he was going to go out any way other than his way. I truly believe that.
  • [on the personalities and/or issues Brian Keith , who starred with her in "Family Affair" (1966) , had tackled, both on- the show and in real-life]: Laid back! But actually, you know, he went through a lot of different personality changes, I think, when he was doing our show, because for that 5 years, he was married --- happily married, and he got divorced, and he had to get remarried, and then he went through depression, and then he went through a laden, and he being so true to his emotions, I mean, there was not one phony bone in Brians personality. He said what he thought, if he liked the person, he told them, if he didnt, he did, tell him that too! And he was just right there! So, he wasnt laid back, the energy was there, but it wasnt overdone.
  • [on her on- and off-screen chemistry with Brian Keith , who played "Uncle Bill Davis"]: He was a fabulous star and also a marvelous mentor to me. I first met Brian when he starred in his initial series called, "Crusader" (1955) . He played the character of "Matt", to my character, "Waif"; and hes absolutely terrific. He rescued me once again as the orphan teen-aged "Cissy" on our long-running TV series, "Family Affair" (1966) . He took me under his penthouse wing, and raised me with kindness, understanding and most of all, love. Thats what Brian Keith was all about, love. He loved his friends, his family, his co-workers, who ever needed him.
  • [Of Brian Keith ]: I loved Brian, "Im a cultural Irishman, dont you know, Im a cultural Irishman", but he went through many manifestations and changes of character, during the 5 years that we shot. At first, he was up and then his second year, he was going through a divorce and then, the third year, he met somebody else; and he became more anecdotal and told stories that he loved kids, and he was very outspoken about those that he did not like. So, he was a very interesting character and it was Brian and Sebastian Cabot [who played "Mr. French"] had such a different style of acting and thats another reason I think that "Family Affair" (1966) was so popular and stayed as it did. Both excellent actors, both coming from very different methods and styles of acting with Sebastian was more from the classical style and he would take home his script and he would dutifully look at every single word and have it to perfection, and then Brian would come in and say, Oh what do we have today? Let me see the scene, uh-huh, uh-huh, lets go! So he was very improvisational, motion of the moment. And those 2 different styles really worked out each other, very well.

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Kathy Garver Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is Kathy Garver's birthday?

      December 13, 1945

  • How tall is Kathy Garver?

      5' 1"

  • How much does Kathy Garver weigh?

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  • Where was Kathy Garver born?

      13 December 1945, Long Beach, California, USA

  • What is Kathy Garver's nickname?

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