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Elpidia Carrillo Biography

    Elpidia Carrillo (born August 16, 1961) is a Mexican actress who has appeared in various acclaimed Latin-American films and television shows, in addition to some Hollywood films. She is also credited as Elpedia Carrillo on some of her films. Carrillo was born in Parácuaro, Michoacán, Mexico. Perhaps her best acted role in Hollywood to date has been that of "Maria" in the 1986 movie Salvador, where she played a Salvadoran acting alongside James Woods. Arguably, though, her best known role would be as the survivor, Anna, in Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger and a cameo in Predator 2. In American cinema, she has also worked with Jimmy Smits and many other stars.

Elpidia Carrillo Filmography

  • (2013) Foreign Land as Rosa
  • (2013) Solidarity as Inés
  • (2009) Mother and Child as Sofia
  • (2008) Seven Pounds as Connie
  • (2008) The Mentalist as Mercedes O'Keefe
  • (2007) Tortilla Heaven as Hermenegilda
  • (2006) Ladrones y mentirosos as Isabel
  • (2005) Nine Lives as Sandra
  • (2004) A Day Without a Mexican as Cata
  • (2004) Killer Snake as Coco
  • (2003) Kingpin as Lupita
  • (2002) La otra as
  • (2002) Solaris as Friend #2
  • (2001) If It Bleeds We Can Kill It: The Making of 'Predator' as Herself
  • (2000) Bread and Roses as Rosa
  • (2000) Resurrection Blvd. as Lupe Baca
  • (1999) Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Maria Ramos
  • (1999) Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her as Carmen Alba
  • (1998) La otra conquista as Tecuichpo/Doña Isabel
  • (1998) They Come at Night as Maria Velasquez
  • (1998) Un embrujo as Esposa del Brujo
  • (1997) Cracker as Anna
  • (1997) The Brave as Rita
  • (1996) De tripas, corazón as Meifer
  • (1996) The Lazarus Man as
  • (1996) The Pretender as Nia
  • (1995) Charlie Grace as
  • (1995) La casa del abuelo as
  • (1995) My Family as Isabel Magaña
  • (1994) ER as Pilar
  • (1994) La hija del Puma as María
  • (1991) Ciudad de ciegos as Fabiola
  • (1991) Lightning Field as Dolores
  • (1991) Reasonable Doubts as Anita Torres
  • (1990) Against the Law as Linda
  • (1990) Dangerous Passion as Angela
  • (1990) Predator 2 as Anna
  • (1990) The Assassin as Elena
  • (1988) Midnight Caller as Evangelina Contreras
  • (1988) Una cita con el destino as
  • (1987) 21 Jump Street as Amalia Cabarrus
  • (1987) Predator as Anna
  • (1986) Let's Get Harry as Veronica
  • (1986) Salvador as María (as Elpedia Carrillo)
  • (1985) Bartolome oder Die Rückkehr der weißen Götter as Indiomädchen/Sr. Anna
  • (1985) Christopher Columbus as Coana
  • (1984) Miami Vice as Maria Pendroza-Guerrero
  • (1984) Miami Vice as Sister Felicia
  • (1984) Video Rewind: The Rolling Stones' Great Video Hits as Mexican girl (archive footage)
  • (1983) The Honorary Consul as Clara
  • (1983) Under Fire as Sandinista
  • (1982) The Border as Maria
  • (1981) Histoires extraordinaires as
  • (1981) La virgen robada as
  • (1980) Chicoasén as
  • (1980) Winnetou le mescalero as Wetatoni
  • (1979) Bandera rota as Veronica
  • (1978) Nuevo mundo as
  • (1978) Pedro Páramo as Isabel
  • (1977) Deseos as

Elpidia Carrillo Trivia and Facts

  • Is perhaps best known to American audiences for the role of Anna in Predator (1987).

Elpidia Carrillo Quotes

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Elpidia Carrillo Photoshoots

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Elpidia Carrillo Other Works

  • (1983) Music video: Appeared in 'The Rolling Stones' video "Under Cover of the Night".

Elpidia Carrillo Trademarks

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Elpidia Carrillo Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is Elpidia Carrillo's birthday?

      August 16, 1961

  • How tall is Elpidia Carrillo?

      5' 4 1/2"

  • How much does Elpidia Carrillo weigh?

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  • Where was Elpidia Carrillo born?

      16 August 1961, Paracuaro, Michoacan, Mexico

  • What is Elpidia Carrillo's nickname?

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