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There are currently 14 featured galleries of Uschi Digard. These featured galleries include Uschi Digard photo shoots, Uschi Digard bikini photos, Uschi Digard magazine scans, and Uschi Digard nude screencaps from movies.

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Uschi Digard Biography

    Uschi Digard was born in Saltsjö-Duvnäs, near Stockholm, Sweden. At 16 she left home, traveled to Paris and spent a year there and then in Italy before journeying further to England. She returned to her native Sweden but finally settled in the United States in 1967. Working as a translator for the jewelry trade, she was told so often that she should model she eventually decided to give it a try. Before long she was appearing in adult films and was eventually "discovered" by filmmaker Russ Meyer . After a long and illustrious career she retired in 1989. She speaks eight languages (German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, French and English). Now married, she lives in Palm Springs, California, for two weeks out of every month; the rest of the time she spends in her private pad in North Hollywood.

Uschi Digard Filmography

  • (2008) Bad Biology as Porno Loop Actress (archive footage) (uncredited)
  • (2006) Ban the Sadist Videos! Part 2 as Herself (archive footage)
  • (2001) Pandora Peaks as Narrator
  • (1999) Slaves of Sin as (scene from 'Can I Do It 'Till I Need Glasses?') (archive footage) (uncredited)
  • (1996) Blue Vanities 284 as (archive footage)
  • (1989) Debbie vs. Uschi as Uschi
  • (1989) Uschi vs. Roni as Uschi
  • (1986) 40 Plus: The Video as Housemaid (as Ushi)
  • (1986) Gunblast as Busty Stripper (archive footage) (uncredited)
  • (1984) Big Bust Babes Volume II as (as Uschi Digart)
  • (1984) Hollywood Blue Video as
  • (1982) Famous T & A as Herself (archive footage)
  • (1982) Girls on Girls as
  • (1981) Girl on Girl as
  • (1981) The Best of Sex and Violence as (archive footage)
  • (1980) Disco Sex Party as
  • (1980) John Holmes and the All Star Sex Queens as
  • (1980) Uschi as Herself
  • (1979) Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens as SuperSoul
  • (1979) Candy's Big Black Master as Housemaid
  • (1979) Executive Sweets as
  • (1979) Hot Stud Pick-Up as Uschi
  • (1979) Lesbian Encounter as
  • (1979) Triple Climax Orgy as
  • (1978) The Only Way to Spy as (uncredited)
  • (1977) Can I Do It 'Till I Need Glasses? as Showgirl on Elephant (uncredited)
  • (1977) Fantasm Comes Again as Leslie (segment "Straw Dolls")
  • (1977) Female Fever as
  • (1977) Hot Skin as Anna (as Ushi Digard)
  • (1977) The Kentucky Fried Movie as Woman in Shower (segment "Catholic High School Girls in Trouble") (as Ursula Digard)
  • (1976) C.B. Hustlers as The C.B. Hustlers (as Elke Vann)
  • (1976) Chesty Anderson U.S. Navy as Baron's Girlfriend #1
  • (1976) Fantasm as Super Girl (segment "The Girls")
  • (1976) Female Chauvinists as Pussy (as Uschi Digart)
  • (1976) Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks as Inga Lindström (as Elke Von)
  • (1975) A Climax of Blue Power as Massage Parlor Girl in Pink (as Sally Martin)
  • (1975) If You Don't Stop It... You'll Go Blind!!! as Various characters
  • (1975) Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS as Prisoner in Pressurized Chamber (uncredited)
  • (1975) Inside Amy as Lois (uncredited)
  • (1975) Kitty Can't Help It as Lady in Hotel Room
  • (1975) Last Days of Pompeii as
  • (1975) Supervixens as SuperSoul/Telephone Operator
  • (1975) The Big Three as
  • (1975) The Black Gestapo as Kojah's Girl
  • (1975) The Killer Elite as Girl at party (uncredited)
  • (1974) Panorama Blue as Guest (segment "The Hollywood Party")
  • (1974) Poor Cecily as Brunette on Torture Rack (uncredited)
  • (1974) The Beauties and the Beast as Mary
  • (1974) The Dicktator as The Russian Delight (as Elke Vann)
  • (1974) Truck Stop Women as Truck Stop Woman
  • (1974) Welcome Home, Johnny as Maid #1 (as U. Heidi Sohler)
  • (1973) Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death as Reina
  • (1973) Drop Out as Bara (as U. Heidi Sohler)
  • (1973) Heads or Tails as Yolanda Wainwright (as Ushi Digard)
  • (1973) Sex, Love and Happiness as
  • (1973) Superchick as Mayday
  • (1973) The Black Alley Cats as Party Guest in Black (uncredited)
  • (1973) The Maids as
  • (1973) The Roommates as Orgy girl (uncredited)
  • (1973) Vice Squad Women as Harriet
  • (1972) Blood Sabbath as (uncredited)
  • (1972) Breast Orgy as (as Uschi Dansk)
  • (1972) Breast Orgy 2 as
  • (1972) Fuzz as Girl on Loop Film (uncredited)
  • (1972) Hollywood Babylon as Party Guest/Marlene Dietrich (as Uschi Digart)
  • (1972) Hot Summer Week as Beach Girl in Credits Sequence Only (uncredited)
  • (1972) Keep It Up as
  • (1972) Love Thy Neighbor and His Wife as Uschi (as Heidi Sohler)
  • (1972) Personenbeschreibung as SuperSoul (archive footage)
  • (1972) Pornography in Hollywood as Herself (uncredited)
  • (1972) Prison Girls as Cindy (as Ushie Digard)
  • (1972) Runaway Hormones as Cindy Steele
  • (1972) Saddle Tramp Women as
  • (1972) Street of a Thousand Pleasures as Busty Slave Girl (as Uschi Digart)
  • (1972) The Dirt Gang as Nude Gang Member with Blue Jeans at Orgy (uncredited)
  • (1972) The Goddaughter as Bertha from the Bronx (as Heidi Sohler)
  • (1972) The Orgy Machine as Busty Sunbather (archive footage) (uncredited)
  • (1972) The Pleasures of a Woman as Martine (uncredited)
  • (1972) Where Does It Hurt? as Girl at Party (uncredited)
  • (1972) Wild Honey as Lesbian Cult Member
  • (1971) A Touch of Sweden as Sherry Bignurse (as Ushi Digart)
  • (1971) Below the Belt as Denise (uncredited)
  • (1971) Casting Call as Hanna Hightower (as Heidi Sohler)
  • (1971) Coed Dorm as Miss Melons
  • (1971) Dead Eye Dick as Quickie Rutherford (uncredited)
  • (1971) Fancy Lady as Karin Nykquist (uncredited)
  • (1971) Godchildren as Lotta Cuze (as Ushi Digart)
  • (1971) Information Processing as Party Guest
  • (1971) Lesbian Love as
  • (1971) Pinocchio as Lilly (uncredited)
  • (1971) Private Eye's, Public Display as
  • (1971) Red, White and Blue as Herself (uncredited)
  • (1971) Sex Orgy as
  • (1971) Sex Pursuits as Busty Blonde (uncredited)
  • (1971) Skin Flick Madness as Busty Lesbian (archive footage) (uncredited)
  • (1971) The Big Snatch as Collete (as Barbara Que)
  • (1971) The Cult as Invar's Mother (uncredited)
  • (1971) The Egyptians Are Coming as
  • (1971) The Exotic Dreams of Casanova as Monique De Ville (as Brigette)
  • (1971) The Godson as Fay (uncredited)
  • (1971) The Seven Minutes as Very Big Brunette with Gorilla (uncredited)
  • (1971) The Toy Box as Laura (uncredited)
  • (1971) The World Is Just a 'B' Movie as (as Uschi Digaid)
  • (1971) Up Your Alley as Spumoni #1 (as Uschi)
  • (1971) Uschi Digart: Girl Snatcher as Ringleader (uncredited)
  • (1971) Wow, It's Cindy as Joyce (uncredited)
  • (1970) Affair in the Air as Vespray (as Ves Pray)
  • (1970) All the Lovin' Kinfolk as Hooker in Black (uncredited)
  • (1970) Cherry, Harry & Raquel! as Soul (as Astrid Lillimor)
  • (1970) Dirty Pool as Sun Goddess (as Pat Tarqui)
  • (1970) Dr. Christina of Sweden as Lesbian Performer (uncredited)
  • (1970) Fuzz as
  • (1970) Getting Into Heaven as Heaven (as Marie Marceau)
  • (1970) I Want You! as Jilda (uncredited)
  • (1970) Love Secrets of the Kama Sutra as
  • (1970) Marriage American Style as Miss Grunt (uncredited)
  • (1970) Norma as Girl at Orgy (uncredited)
  • (1970) Oddly Coupled as Brunette in Bed (uncredited)
  • (1970) Private Arrangement as Linda (as Euji Swenson)
  • (1970) Raquel's Motel as Raquel (uncredited)
  • (1970) Roxanna as Lesbian in Gloves (uncredited)
  • (1970) Sandra: The Making of a Woman as Miss Lynn
  • (1970) Sexual Freedom in Denmark as (uncredited)
  • (1970) Spread It Around as
  • (1970) Take My Head as
  • (1970) Thaw the Frigid Bird as Carol
  • (1970) The Art of Gentle Persuasion as
  • (1970) The Last Step Down as Norma Jean (uncredited)
  • (1970) The Magic Mirror as Antique Shopper (uncredited)
  • (1970) The Midnight Graduate as Jackie
  • (1970) The Only House in Town as Margaret/Mishka Valkaro/Freckles Flossie
  • (1970) The Pimp Primer as Party Guest in Dress (uncredited)
  • (1970) The Politicians as Lisa, the Masseuse (as Heidi Sohler)
  • (1970) Titilated Tex as
  • (1969) The Cut-Throats as General's Secretary
  • (1969) The Game Is Sex as (as H. Sohl)
  • (1969) The Madam as Sissy (as Ann Biggs)
  • (1969) The Marauders as Post office girl
  • (1969) The Master Beater as Model (as Ursula)
  • (1969) The Scavengers as Lucile (as Ushi Digart)
  • (1969) Uschi as
  • (1968) The Kill as Hitchhiker (uncredited)

Uschi Digard Trivia and Facts

  • Was one of the most popular mens magazine models in the late 60s and 70s, and a favorite model and actress for photographer and filmmaker Russ Meyer , who specialized in showcasing "amply endowed" women.
  • Of Swiss/Swedish descent, her deep tan was attributed to sunbathing in Florida.

Uschi Digard Quotes

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Uschi Digard Photoshoots

  • "Celebrity Skin" (USA), 2012, Iss. 11, pg. 56, by: n/a, "Sexiest Starlets in Swimming Pool Scenes! - Uschi Digard"
  • "Celebrity Skin" (USA), May 2006, Vol. 30, Iss. 152, pg. 22-23, by: staff, "At Your Request: Uschi Digard"
  • "Celebrity Skin" (USa), May 2003, Vol. 25, Iss. 116, pg. 76-77, by: staff, "Backseat Bombshells: Uschi Digard"
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  • "Score Holiday" (USA), 1999, "Blasts from the Past"
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Uschi Digard Other Works

  • Appeared in the loop "Big Tit Hookers" with 'John Holmes (I)' , 'Kitten Natividad' and 'Kelli Stewart' .
  • Appeared in the loop "Candy's Big Black Master" with 'Candy Samples' and
  • 'Johnnie Keyes' for Ero/Phase Productions.
  • Appeared in the loop "Disco Sex Party" with 'Candy Samples' and 'John Holmes (I)' .
  • Appeared in the loop "Executive Sweets" with 'Candy Samples' and 'Johnnie Keyes' for Ero/Phase Productions.
  • Appeared in the loop "Lesbian Encounter" with 'Candy Samples' .
  • Appeared in the loop "Porno Shoot Orgy".
  • Appeared in the loop "The Big 3" with 'Candy Samples' .
  • Appeared in the loop "The Mistress and the Maid" with 'Candy Samples' .
  • Appeared in the loop "Triple Climax Orgy" with 'Candy Samples' .
  • Appeared in the loop "Uschi and the Frog Prince".
  • Appeared in the loop "Uschi's Hot Stud Pick-Up".
  • Appeared in the solo loop "Deep Heat".
  • Appeared in the solo loop "Lady Lust".
  • Appeared in the solo loop "On Display".
  • Appeared in the solo loop "Phone Sex with Uschi".
  • Appeared in the solo loop "Stacked and Ready".
  • Appeared in the solo/shower loop "Uschi Can't Wait".
  • Appeared in the wrestling loop "Battle of the Bosoms" with 'Candy Samples' for Triumph Productions.
  • Appeared in the solo loop "Sherri," 1970s.
  • Was featured in glamour photos and slides of The Latent Image mail order catalog in the early 1980s (1983 catalog).

Uschi Digard Trademarks

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Uschi Digard Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is Uschi Digard's birthday?

      August 15, 1948

  • How tall is Uschi Digard?

      5' 7"

  • How much does Uschi Digard weigh?

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  • Where was Uschi Digard born?

      15 August 1948, Saltsjö-Duvnäs, Stockholms län, Sweden

  • What is Uschi Digard's nickname?

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