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Julie Hagerty Biography

    Julie Hagertys unique personality and talent likely would have been better served had she worked under the Hollywood studio system. As it is, her place in cinema history is secure with her role of stewardess Elaine Dickinson in the comedy classic Airplane! (1980). Hagerty should have evolved into a latter-day Jean Arthur , or become a highly valued supporting player a la Zasu Pitts. Julie was born in Cincinatti, Ohio on June 15, 1955. Her father Jerry was a musician, and her mother Harriet Yuellig was a singer and model. Julie followed her mother in her latter career, signing with Ford Models agency at the age of 15. The teenager spent her summer vacations modeling in New York City, where she moved in 1972 after graduating from high school. Her older brother was part of a New York theatrical troupe, "The Production Company", and she studied acting with William Hickey . In 1979, she made her off-Broadway theatrical debut in The Production Companys show Mutual Benefit Life; subsequently, she appeared on Broadway in John Guare s comedy "The House of Blue Leaves" in 1986-87, for which she won a 1986 Theatre World Award. Airplane! (1980), ranked #10 on the American Film Institutes list of the Top 100 Comedies, rates as her official film debut, though she had a part in erstwhile lover Bob Fosse s All That Jazz (1979) that, unfortunately, wound up on the proverbial killing floor of the cutting room (which was actually featured in Fosses impressionistic argosy influenced by Federico Fellini s 8½ (1963). After her smashing debut, Hagerty appeared in the inevitable sequel, and starred in major theatrical films, including Woody Allen s A Midsummer Nights Sex Comedy (1982), Albert Brooks Lost in America (1985), and Robert Altman s Beyond Therapy (1987). After the failure of the Altman film, her career cooled off; Hagerty began appearing mostly in supporting roles in feature films and in made-for-TV movies.

Julie Hagerty Filmography

  • (2013) Fear of Falling as Mrs. Solness
  • (2011) Best in Film: The Greatest Movies of Our Time as Herself
  • (2011) Happy Endings as Mrs. Kerkovich
  • (2010) Edición Especial Coleccionista as Poppy Taylor (archive footage)
  • (2009) 2081 as Hazel Bergeron
  • (2009) Confessions of a Shopaholic as Hayley
  • (2009) Cupid as Liv
  • (2009) Make Up as Dorris Hallens
  • (2007) If I Had Known I Was a Genius as Rich School Teacher
  • (2007) The Winner as Irene
  • (2006) A Slice of 'Pizza' as Darlene
  • (2006) Pope Dreams as Kristina Venable
  • (2006) She's the Man as Daphne
  • (2006) The 50 Greatest Comedy Films as Herself
  • (2005) A Host of Trouble as Sister Cletus
  • (2005) Adam & Steve as Sherry
  • (2005) Just Friends as Carol Brander
  • (2005) Pizza as Darlene
  • (2004) Marie and Bruce as Party Guest at Frank's
  • (2004) Super Secret Movie Rules as Herself ("Elaine" - Airplane!)
  • (2003) A Guy Thing as Dorothy
  • (2003) MythBusters as Elaine (archive footage)
  • (2002) Bridget as Julie
  • (2002) Greg the Bunny as Sandy Bender
  • (2002) Silenci? as Elaine Dickinson (archive footage)
  • (2002) The Badge as Sister Felicia
  • (2001) Freddy Got Fingered as Julie Brody
  • (2001) Storytelling as Fern Livingston (segment "Non-Fiction")
  • (2001) The Guardian as Helena Denby
  • (2000) AFI's 100 Years... 100 Laughs: America's Funniest Movies as Herself
  • (2000) Baby Bedlam as Sindi
  • (2000) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Clarissa Niles
  • (2000) Girlfriends as Dr. Rachel Miller
  • (2000) Malcolm in the Middle as Polly
  • (1999) Boys Will Be Boys as Emily Clauswell (as Julie Haggarty)
  • (1999) Chicken Soup for the Soul as Mom
  • (1999) Family Guy as Carol Pewterschmidt (voice)
  • (1999) Family Guy as Carol West (voice)
  • (1999) Gut Feeling as
  • (1999) Held Up as Gloria
  • (1999) Jackie's Back! as Pammy Dunbar (Host)
  • (1999) Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Mariel Plummer
  • (1999) The Directors as Herself
  • (1999) The Norm Show as Wendy
  • (1999) The Story of Us as Liza
  • (1998) Love Boat: The Next Wave as Carrie Brook
  • (1998) Mel as Bonnie
  • (1998) Reunited as Nicki Beck
  • (1998) Tourist Trap as Bess Piper
  • (1997) Heaven Will Wait as Jane
  • (1997) King of the Hill as Ally (voice)
  • (1997) U Turn as Flo (as Julie Haggerty)
  • (1997) Women Without Implants as
  • (1996) Everybody Loves Raymond as Charlotte
  • (1996) London Suite as Anne Ferris
  • (1996) Remember WENN as Penelope Cominger
  • (1995) 50 Years of Funny Females as Herself (archive footage)
  • (1995) The Wife as Rita
  • (1995) Women of the House as Jennifer Malone
  • (1994) Bravo Profiles as Herself
  • (1994) ER as Brenda Wilkerson
  • (1993) Eligible Dentist as
  • (1993) Late Night with Conan O'Brien as Herself
  • (1992) In a New Light: A Call to Action in the War Against AIDS as Herself
  • (1992) Lucky Luke as Betty Lou
  • (1992) Noises Off... as Poppy Taylor
  • (1991) Princesses as Tracy Dillon
  • (1991) What About Bob? as Fay Marvin
  • (1990) Reversal of Fortune as Alexandra Isles, Claus' Mistress (uncredited)
  • (1989) Bloodhounds of Broadway as Harriet MacKyle
  • (1989) Rude Awakening as Petra Black
  • (1988) Murphy Brown as Dana
  • (1988) Necessary Parties as Connie Mills
  • (1987) Aria as (segment "Les Boréades") (uncredited)
  • (1987) Beyond Therapy as Prudence
  • (1987) The Hustler of Money as Mother
  • (1987) Trying Times as Marsha
  • (1985) Bad Medicine as Liz Parker
  • (1985) Goodbye, New York as Nancy Callaghan
  • (1985) Lost in America as Linda Howard
  • (1982) A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy as Dulcy
  • (1982) Airplane II: The Sequel as Elaine Dickinson
  • (1981) American Playhouse as Corrinna Stroller
  • (1980) Airplane! as Elaine Dickinson
  • (1980) The Day the Women Got Even as Lisa Harris
  • (1975) Saturday Night Live as Mother (uncredited)

Julie Hagerty Trivia and Facts

  • Listed as one of twelve "Promising New Actors of 1985" in John Willis Screen World, Vol. 37.
  • Once romantically involved with director/choreographer Bob Fosse , she was cast in a small role in his film All That Jazz (1979). Her role ended up on the cutting room floor.
  • Auditioned for her first role in the Off-Off Broadway play, "Mutual Benefit Life", written by playwright Robert Patrick and directed by Norman Rene ("Prelude to a Kiss"), just to get experience in auditioning, and to her surprise was cast after one reading. She was also cast by Rene in the next play at the same theater and was seen in it and immediately signed for Airplane! (1980).
  • Was personally involved with writer-director Albert Brooks in the 1980s, who cast her in his film Lost in America (1985).
  • Married to life insurance industry and theatrical producer Richard Kagan (2007).
  • Summers with her family in the Lakes Region area of Maine.

Julie Hagerty Quotes

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Julie Hagerty Photoshoots

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Julie Hagerty Other Works

  • (2002) Stage: Appeared in "Morning's at Seven" on Broadway. Comedy (revival). Written by 'Paul Osborn (I)' . Directed by Daniel Sullivan. Lyceum Theater: 21 Apr 2002-28 Jul 2002 (112 performances + 27 previews that began on 28 Mar 2002). Produced by Lincoln Center Theater (André Bishop: Artistic Director. Bernard Gersten: Executive Producer)
  • (1993) Stage: Appeared (as "Audrey Trowbridge") in "Three Men on a Horse" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by 'George Abbott (I)' and 'John Cecil Holm' . Musical Director: 'John Kander' . Scenic Design by Marjorie Bradley Kellogg. Directed by 'John Tillinger' . Lyceum Theatre: 13 Apr 1993-16 May 1993 (39 performances + 24 previews that began on 23 Mar 1993). Cast: Leslie Anderson (as "Gloria"), 'John Beal (I)' (as "The Tailor"; final Broadway role), 'Danny Burstein' (as "Delivery Boy"), 'Helmar Augustus Cooper' (as "Moses"), 'Joey Faye' (as "Harry"), 'John Franklyn-Robbins' (as "Mr. Carver"), 'David Geist' (as "Gus, the Piano Player"), 'Ellen Greene' (as "Mabel"), 'Heather Harlan (II)' (as "Hotel Maid"), Dave Johnson (as "Racetrack Announcer"), 'Jack Klugman' (as "Patsy"), 'Zane Lasky' (as "Frankie"), Nora Mae Lyng (as "Sylvia, the Chanteuse"), Tony Randall (as "Erwin Trowbridge"), 'Jerry Stiller' (as "Charlie"), 'Michael Stuhlbarg' (as "Al" / "Radio Announcer"), Ralph Williams (as "Clarence Dobbins"). Understudies: Andrew Bloch (as "Charlie" / "Harry, Patsy"), Danny Burstein (as "Al" / "The Tailor"), 'Edmund C. Davys' (as "Clarence Dobbins" / "Erwin Trowbridge" / "Mr. Carver"), 'Rand Mitchell' (as "Moses" / "The Tailor"), Margery Murray (as "Audrey Trowbridge" / "Mabel") and Michael Stuhlbarg (as "Delivery Boy" / "Frankie"). Produced by National Actors Theatre ('Tony Randall (I)' , Founder and Artistic Advisor. Michael Langham, Artistic Advisor
  • (1986) Stage: Appeared in "The Front Page". Comedy (revival).
  • (1986) Stage: Appeared in "The House of Blue Leaves". Comedy.
  • (2013) TV commercial: Old Navy clothing stores.

Julie Hagerty Trademarks

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Julie Hagerty Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is Julie Hagerty's birthday?

      June 15, 1955

  • How tall is Julie Hagerty?

      5' 7"

  • How much does Julie Hagerty weigh?

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  • Where was Julie Hagerty born?

      15 June 1955, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

  • What is Julie Hagerty's nickname?

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